Four Winds

Common Issues and Suggestions
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Illness (Frequent)
Immune Boosters
Intestinal (Gut) Health (Important!)
Kidney Issues
Lifestyle: Traumatic
Liver Issues (Important!)
Memory (Poor concentration)
Menstrual Issues
Mood: Excessive worry
Mood swings
Mood: Feeling low, uninterested, angry
Nails: Easily broken fingernails (brittle)
Prevention & Maintenance Program
Processed foods & Sweets (Craving...)
Respiratory issues
Sex: Low sex drive
Skin/Complexion issues
Sleep: Too little or restless sleep
Sleepiness when sitting or after a meal
Stamina low - Low endurance
STRESS (support) &Test
Structural weakness, sore & painful joints
Urinary concerns & Urinary Tract Infection
Varicose Veins
Women's Pharmacy
Weight: Difficulty losing weight
Yeast: Issues with yeast/fungus