Four Winds

Losing Weight

The first thing to do is to check your thyroid here (if an issue with you).


It is quite easy to achieve your weight goal if you are willing to follow our suggestions. It has worked with ALL who have done so!

1. Select the Ultimate GreenZone with the protein mix of your choice (below)
2. Add CLA (view video below)

Now that you have made your choice of products...

* Have 1 solid meal a day such as lunch.
* Try to avoid bread, pasta, pizzas, sugary "things" and carbonated drinks ... colas and the likes.
* Mix your choice of protein with Ultimate Green Zone and "good" water in the Power Shaker and shake. For quantities, simply follow the directions on the labels. This will be your breakfast and another mix will be your dinner.
* Take 1 CLA softgel capsule three times a day with your food.

In a few days you will notice two things:
You will have more energy
You will start losing weight!

"This thing is lightning in a bottle; it's a miracle flower to fight your fat" – Dr. Oz

Video Credit:
Dr. Oz has not endorsed any specific product, only the ingredient Safflower.

US National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of Health).
"In a double-blind crossover trial, daily supplementation with CLA oil (6.4 g CLA isomers—approximately equal amounts of c9t11-CLA and t10c12-CLA) for 16 weeks significantly reduced BMI and total adipose mass compared with safflower oil in 35 obese postmenopausal women (BMI >30) with type 2 diabetes [74]. "

According to Dr. Oz, Safflower works in more than one way. The first way is that it goes in and causes the body to burn fat from within “like a furnace,” literally melting the fat away. The second feature, and the most important one, is that after Safflower has burnt the fat, you’re left with the sleek, lean muscle that was buried underneath. The third feature is its ability to strengthen not only the muscles, but the bones as well.

Click on images below for details about each suggested product

Ultimate GreenZone With Love & Peas
(Click on each image below for details)


Or Ultimate GreenZone With NutriBurn Chocolate
(Click on each image below for details)



Or Ultimate GreenZone With NutriBurn Vanilla
(Click on each image below for details)




Add Ionic Minerals or Mineral Chi if your diet is not as healthy as it should be... Why? Read first

And.. If your colon is not working properly (at least one bowel movement/day) then it is wise to start this program with a 15 days cleanse such as Tiao He Cleanse as well as the Ionic Minerals or the Mineral Chi below.